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What is Movies Star Planet and how can MSP hacks help you?

By on February 16, 2017


Who does not want to be a movie star? Is there anybody? We don’t think so. They are quite famous, wealthy, and loved by all in the audience. There is something about the movie stars which makes people wonder about their lives and how would it feel like to be like one among the superstars. To get this feeling The Movie Star Planet game was developed. Hence, now there is no need to fantasize about movie stars because now you have quite this game which you can play– the Movie Star Planet!

Who can play and where can he play?

The game can be played using PC, Android and the iOS version is designed specially for the younger audience. If you are interested to join this game, you must be having your age between 8 and 15 years. Movies Star Planet is not just a game but it is something more than that, it also serves as a social networking platform, somewhat like Facebook and is suitable for children. The developers are quite cautious about it and delete the users whom they find suspicious. So, now if you are interested in the game and ant to buy backdrops for movies, costumes, animation, and a lot more, then instead of spending hours, use our MSP hacks.

How do we help you?

The reason behind getting theMSP hacks ready is getting the StarCoins, Diamonds and VIP status is not that easy as it looks. Hence, we thought developing the MSP hacks. The efficiency of Our cheats cannot be described in words, you must use it to know how useful they are and they are free of viruses, malware, and spyware.These cheats are quite simple cheats and provides some amazing features. It becomes quite easy to advance in this game when you use these MSP hacks. This will help you to use everything you need to without paying even a single penny. There will be some potential players who cannot afford VIP packages and there will be players also who do not have much time to wait to make fast progress and here is where our MSP hacks are useful to you. On the other hand, some parents are literally forced by children to find out some way to have more StarCoins, diamonds, and VIP status. Hence if you are among any of the above-mentioned situation, then these MSP hacks are only for you as these are completely free.

Does Movie Star Planet Cheats Work?

The coders who have created the MSP hacks have figured out ways on how to get the security and the firewalls bypassedin this game. As you are quite aware that this is a game which is online which means that it completely relies on servers. The designers who have coded MSP hacks have found a way with which they can manipulate the servers which allows players to generate StarCoins, Diamonds and obtain the VIP status as soon as possible. You need to Just enter your username, and then choose yourplatform and then you mustconnect. After a few seconds, you will be able to enter the amount of StarCoins and diamonds which you need and this will help you to choose a package of free VIP.

msp hack

You can use our MSP hacks and then do wonders in this game by getting exclusive StarCoins, Diamonds and all that which you once wanted in the game.


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Reliable Programming Tools of HackerCheats

By on February 2, 2017

The dependency of gaming programs on DLLs and ActiveX controls gives an edge for the HackerCheats to manipulate them effectively. They can overwrite the memory space with their own set of variables and macros to change the behavior of server created objects and slow down the pace of the game. This gives ample time for you to gather vital resources like coins, cash and tokens within the scope of every round in the game. At the same time these tools can deactivate the moves made by your opponents, enabling you to sail through the barriers without losing lives. At the same time the HackerCheats manage to release the memory space of the server and clear their tracks before being detected by the security systems.

Programming Techniques of HackerCheats

The tools used by HackerCheats need to be compatible with those of gaming programs. They also need to handle the massive number of other online players (some of them may be using other forms of cheats also) and prevent them from making advances. Access to resources could become fairly limited when the number of online players increases.


  • The HackerCheats can create duplicate resources for coins, gold and other utilities which can be used as effectively as the originals to keep your score increasing. This needs massive scale replication methods without being detected by the gaming security systems. The experts in the programming domain are capable of creating self replicating code to achieve these types of objectives.
  • Macros and coding scripts can be used to gain access to the centralized database of the gaming sever which contains tools and utilities. They are meant to be used by the gamer for scoring points, clearing obstacles and get into attacking and defending modes. The HackerCheats can use them effectively to give you advantage over your opponents.
  • The graphical data in the server memory space is made of 2 coordinates (X and y), direction of movement and speed of action by the objects. HackerCheats can generate codes to intercept the coordinates of the sever space. They can also change direction and control the speed of the opponents’ objects at runtime. This process can give you access to extra resources and ample time for getting more number of scoring points.
  • The root thread of the gaming server program is supposed to run on multiple threads, allowing several players to take part in the game. By injecting the DLLs with code manipulation, the HackerCheats can detect all the objects in the server space during runtime. This gives an opportunity for the hacking program to temporarily deactivate critical server objects. So you can easily gain access to the graphical objects without having to compromise on your gaming speed at any point of time. This is a way of virtually increasing your playing speed without having to manipulate the objects used by your opponents.
  • Most of the game builders are switching over to native code usage to avoid being hacked. This can be overcome effectively by the HackerCheats though native code compatibility.

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